The Sista System  - The Sista History

The Sista System was first introduced by Nazy and Bonn around 15 years ago, as a two part process, the first part being the  weirdsistas weaving and binding practice, the second being the natural wax and chemical free products, know as LSA.

Being professional women with dreadlocks, they understood the need for  a process that was natural, vegan, consistent, and was chemical and  wax free.

The common processes of wax and perms and rip and tear and backcombing, were clearly an unsatisfactory way of caring for  locks. Equally, being tired of the notion society held of dreads, being  dirty, filthy, unkempt messes, associated only with jobless “ferrels”, was neither apt, nor derived from any truth. 

Clearly this out dated notion, required a dread-lift and we felt we had the ideas and background to attempt to make things right.

Having dreads ourselves meant we had a good starting place and we commenced our research and development stage, this process took us to many methods and equally pointed us away from them.  Finally we arrived at the basic knowledge inspired by nature, all hair would dread, as long as it was bound together, this binding had to be hair only, as wax, strings, sticky messy products and anything other then hair, would prevent the process of dreading, not encourage it.   

For over two years Nazy and Bonn looked at the processes involved in making dreads, the sectioning was the first step, in the design process.  We felt that the old brick method was not only difficult to work with (a triangle will make a circle, far easier then a square) but the way in which dreads needed to sit, was so valuable, when seeing final installs, that we understood this needed to be our fist point of reference .

Here, as we understood the need for a triangle, we draw and designed and we began to see a pattern, a pattern we had seen many times, in both the universal aspect, and our own understanding of DNA. Thus the pattern, we now describe as “the flower of life” came to be, as a part of the sista system, such a beautiful template to work with, and gives excellent results every time.

We then worked on the development of the weaving process, we wanted  a method that weaved and bond the hair together without any loss of length, backcombing, or hair breakage. We researched every aspect of the follicle, and scalp and felt our methods of using just the hair and weaving tightly gave the best results.

We then moved onto, what dreads need in a cleansing and care system.

Dreadlock Products

We understood from this research that their was NO natural dread products that would work to help establish the dread. We where , looking for something that would do more then just coat the follicle or stick it together, but actually change the way in which the follicle acted, or remembered form.

Therefore we decided to create our own natural, chemical free method and product range- Lock Stock and Apparel…

The Sista System is a complete Dreadlock care system that covers all aspects of dreadlock design, maintenance and beautiful products.

The Sista System looks at the way hair responds, part one, involves the use of a small hook, but is completely different to the crochet hook methods which we know to break the hairs in the dread, creating broken hair at the base and a fluffy appearance, after the first days of maintenance.

The Sista sista method is a weaving and binding method, creating a round tight dreadlock with no breakage, and with regular maintenance can keep perfectly clean, fabulous, dreads.

But how does this work?

When we put a single hair under the microscope, we could see it has many natural “scales” sitting on the follicle shaft, these are perceived as poor condition if flared and good condition if flat to the follicle. Of course most conditioners, silicon’s and modern day shampoos, are designed to make your hair follicle silky, this gives the impression that your hair is “healthy” and the shinier the hair, the healthier you are… or is it?  Infact many shampoos, are band aide solutions, and those that coat your follicle in a substance, can make hair very dull and unresponsive. What dreads need, is a permeable follicle that responds well to salts and other natural minerals, helping to establish dreads early and giving for a much easier process.

The Sista System works on the basis of using the weirdsista weaver or hook. This process is called the sectioning and weaving process. We weave the hair very tightly,  catching hair strands in a weaving and binding method, designed by the weirdsistas. 

This method is fail proof and can be used on all hair types, from fine Caucasian, to Afro hair.  Many shampoos available on the market are made for regular, un-dreaded hair,  they are PH Balanced for hair type and many off the shelf shampoos, contain silicon, which coats each individual hair, giving a silky appearance, Dreads, however, don’t respond to this process and instead,  like coarse, dry and salty hair, so it is important to use only a quality PH altered, shampoo, specifically made for dreads. The sista system is able to provide both a natural process and follow up care, with natural vegan dread products… caring for our world and those that inhabit her.