Nazy and Bonn 

Nazy and Bonn 

Nazy and Bonn have built this salon The Weirdsistas, over the past fifteen years.  This unique natural/organic business gains its fantastic reputation by employing award winning staff and using the world renown 'Sista-System' for dreadlock maintenance and installation.  By employing innovative staff that are at the top of the hair industry, we are able to offer all services with the clients trust in our process and the organic, natural products we offer as our range Goldwell - Pravana - Delorenzo  - Lock Stock Apparel  Weirdsistas have strived to gives our clients the edge in both dreadlock and hair design,  allowing for fashion and cutting edge designs. The sista system also allows for dreads to be  regularly washed and styled to produce many stunning designs. Having established Weirdsistas, over 17 years, with the Victorian arm, over the past 10 years, Nazy and Bonn, believe it is now time to move on. This allows the new owners a chance to walk in to a business that is at the top of its game, and  has had all the hard work done. 



The concept of clean and wax-free dreads became a reality when Nazy and Bonn, first began exploring this idea around seventeen years ago.  To understand what makes a great dreadlock, you first must look at all elements, body mind and spirit, the answer to  a clean and well-formed matt of hair and a healthy scalp, is more then a hairstyle, it is a lifestyle.  The two part process, that uses the Sista System, and the very handsome dreads only, product range; Lock Stock and Apparel, translated as clean and stylish dreadlocks. Dreads that would hold form easily, be easy to manage, not lose any length  and be strong enough to  withstand  breakage.

We were tired of the misconception that dreads as  dirty, filthy unkempt messes associated with the...


And felt it time to establish some ground rules. The Weirdsistas, brand is unique and vegan products and design, which includes hair and colour and  healthy clean dreadlocks  everyone can wear.  No matter what your ethnicity, no matter if you have thick, curly or fine hair, this system works with every hair type, and is a complete dread care process. With trained lokticians in the sista system  all over Australia, This Business stands alone and has   a community of lokkticians,  that can help care for your travelling clients


Over the years, we have made the name Weirdsistas synonymous with top quality, impeccable technique and fine dreads. We are renowned world-wide and have people all over Australia coming to our Melbourne studio for appointments. As artists in hair, we continue to push the boundaries in designing, maintaining and styling some of the most luscious locks you will ever see.