Our amazing business, operates from a shop front and includes a dwelling, offering a long term lease.  The Weirdsistas,  has been operating in Australia for over 15 years, and five years in Melbourne,  the Melbourne shop nicknamed "the looking glass:   is a unique niche business, that is both fabulous and successful.  This business works with hair and Includes  thedesign and maintaining  of Dreadlocks,  for a discerning community, .which could also include, hairdressings as part of the business services , as the business has a hairdressing registration. 

The Weirdsistas business is well located,  with visual frontage, and hosts a large artistically designed shop front,        Weirdsistas  is located on the very busy High st in fashionable Northcote. [3070]  With  the tram number 86, passing  the banner sign DREADLOCKS, every twenty mins, in both directions, this alone gives the new business owner, the opportunity of a constant audience, for your product.  Furthermore, their is a tastefully renovated  Edwardian three bedroom house, attached to the shop front, which is included in the lease conditions.    This  studio has been running in Victoria for five  years, and the studio space itself,   boosts one of the most artistic floor spaces in Melbourne, all the interiors are designed by owner's  Nazy and Bonn and the Weirdsistas are renowned for their style and innovation.   And if working  in the studio is not engaging enough, you can either entertain or use the outside dreading station, to make a good day incredible. With the art installations carrying through to the gardens,' the weirdsistas have installed a very unique and self sustaining Aquaponics system., that not only allows a cool exterior space, on those balmy days but also is a self sustaining veggie garden for you and your family.  ... with the number 86 Tram going past the shop every 20 mins and the highly successful Webpage, your new business has no shortage of advertising,

The house attached to the business is a victorian two story, three bedroom home

The gardens are already established and outside also hosts a small recording studio and entertaining area.  

OUR NAME - Weirdsistas 



OUR WEBSITE - www.weirdsistas.com  This site has been up and running for 15 years, is a well designed, that is easily editedby the new owners.


Instagram  membership of 2221

Facebook membership of 3500 stats and info

YouTube  up to 16,000 views on some of the videos Stats and info - 

Twitter - 420 and growing, with daily posts on all four social groups we have a growing community. 

All social media sites come with the sale o